Towboaters’ Drag Race and Car Show


Towboat crewmembers, merchant mariners, maritime inland waterway sailors, river industry workers plus their family and friends who want to watch.  This will be a family-friendly event, so please show the same level of professionalism and courtesy that you would on the rivers.


The first annual Wheels Of Horsepower event is a two-day drag race and car show, designed for towboaters to show their stuff to other river industry folks.


A weekend in 2017, either late spring, early summer or late summer.  Venue has to be determined first and then we’ll know what dates are available.


The exact venue has yet to be determined, because it depends on the number of racers.  One possibility is Jeffers Motorsports Park in Sikeston, Missouri (in the “boot heel”). Certainly, the location will be somewhere in the Midwest.


Because this will be TOTALLY AWESOME!!  What a great way to bring waterway workers together! Plus there will be GREAT FOOD!


The race registration fee will be somewhere between $100 to $150 for the car and each crew combined together. Everything at this event depends on how many Towboaters register their car or cars. The more cars that register will generate more money for everything such as the winning purses, the food that will be available for the Towboaters and their crews and most importantly the amount of money that will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. There is no fee to register. The final dollar amount for entering this event will be determined in July of 2017 and it will be posted here and our Facebook page in July of 2017.